EXO Kai Expresses Frustration Because Of Privacy Invasion, Deletes All Photos From His Philippines Trip


EXO Kai is frustrated with people continuously invading his privacy!

The beloved idol was on a break with a couple of his friends, he visited Cebu, Philippines.

Fans found out about this after a couple of photos of Kai having fun with his friends spread online (photos taken by other people, not by Kai or his friends). However, it turns out those photos were spread without his consent.

Initially, he uploaded a couple of photos of his trip to Instagram but suddenly he deleted them. He then uploaded a story to his Instagram (he deleted it shortly after).

The caption said,

“I am disappointed!”


Fans didn’t understand at first, but after investigating for a bit they found out the fan-taken photos and videos that spread of him online were spread without his consent, he was on a private trip to enjoy his time but photos of him kept circulating online.

Fans expressed their worry about him and asked if he was okay, he seemed to have read the comments and decided to upload another story explaining his decision to take down those photos, he wrote,

“I personally choose and upload ever single photo to share new memories with everyone, but… its been shared in a way that I didn’t want, so I was frustrated. I am sorry I made you worry.”

Its sad that Kai cannot enjoy his time without people taking photos of himself and his friends. Its understandable that he’d feel frustrated and disappointed.


Luckily, it seems that all is back to normal. Kai is uploading to instagram again, he recently uploaded a couple of photos in a teddy bears shop.

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