Did MONSTA X Jooheon Change His Stage Name To The One He’s Always Dreamt Of?


MONSTA X fans are wondering if Jooheon has chosen to change his stage name four years after his debut.

On February 6, MONSTA X released a new batch of teaser photos for their upcoming comeback. The boys looked amazing but fans noticed something different in the caption of the teaser photos, the caption has Jooheon’s name spelled differently in English, it was spelled Joohoney. The Korean name remained the same but the change in the English name has fans wondering.

Avid MONSTA X fans know that Jooheon initially wanted to go with Joohoney as his stage name and are now wondering if Jooheon has decided to go with another stage name.

MONSTA X are currently gearing up for their comeback which will happen on February 18, this marks their first comeback since “Shoot Out” back in October last year.

Do you think Jooheon changed his stage name?

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