It took them four years, but they’re finally here!

Cube Entertainment highly underrated girl group CLC finally snagged their first win on February 12 episode of SBS’s “The Show.”

It was the group’s first EVER win on a music show, the members all cried during the acceptance speech unable to hold back their tears as they sang the encore.

They are now officially the girl group that took the longest time to win; it took them 1427 days to take their win (4 years) after their debut. They broke Girls Day’s record, they had took their first win 1,098 days (3 years) after they debuted, the song that got them their first win was the hit track “Something.”

The record for the Kpop group that took the longest to get their first win is held by U-Kiss who got it 6 years and 7 months after their debut, they debuted back in 2008 and got their first win in 2015.

Check out their special performance of “NO” as well as their speech:


Fighting CLC! Wishing you the best in the future!