BTS’s Jimin And Ha Sungwoon Post Photos Of Their Recent Trip Together

BTS’s Jimin and HOTSHOT member Ha Sungwoon shared adorable photos of their recent trip together!

On February 5, Jimin and Ha Sungwoon shared a set photos they took at the same location, the two are known for being extremely close friends. Jimin shared his photos to BTS’s official account while Ha Sungwoon shared it to his personal Instagram account.

In the photos, fans noticed they were taking the same poses together. Recently, Jimin attended Wanna One’s last concert ahead of their disbandment in support of his close friend Ha Sungwoon.

Shortly after sharing those photos, Ha Sungwoon went live on Instagram he was singing in what appears to be a karaoke bar. Jimin’s voice can be clearly heard in the background.

The camera focuses on Ha Sungwoon solely, it seems that the photos they shared were taken today before they went to sing in a karaoke bar.

Glad they’re having lots of fun together!


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