After ITZY’s Debut, Fans Showed Their Worry About Jeon Somi’s Hiatus, She Replied With This

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Jeon Somi’s fans are worried about her hiatus!

JYP Entertainment new girl group ITZY debut On February 12.

Any Jeon Somi fans know that she was going to be likely a part of this group if she hadn’t left the agency last year.

The announcement of her departure from the agency was sudden. Shortly after departing her agency which she had been a part of for so long, she signed with YG Entertainment sub-label The Black Label.

Jeon Somi has been a trainee for a long time; she’s also debuted in the temporary project group I.O.I. After ITZY’s debut, fans wrote comments expressing their longing for the talented idol and talking about why they’re worried for her future since she’s still in hiatus and hasn’t debuted as a soloist yet.

When her label confirmed she joined them, it was reported she’d debut as a soloist instead of in a group for a quicker debut. Various reports came out since then, some alleging she’s debuting in the first half of 2019 while other alleged she’s debuting in the second half of this year.

However, The Black Label has kept a tight lip and didn’t respond to any of those rumors.

In response to the fans’ concerns, Jeon Somi posted a story to her Instagram, in it she wrote,

“To my loving fans. Don’t think I’m far away and please don’t be depressed or down waiting for me. Cause I am really not that far away from you guys :). Really that day is going to come! So I wish you all! To be excited! And don’t get me wrong. I WANT EVERYTHING TO BE PERFECT. So it’s just really me: being EXTRA GREEDY 😉 Hope you have a wonderful day. Love you, wish you the best, love you.”

How do you feel about this?

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