On January 23, “YG Treasure Box” revealed the sixth member of its upcoming boy group that was created through this survival show, and it has people talking!

The group was decided to be composed of seven members. Following the finale of the show, the first four trainees were revealed: Haruto, Bang Ye Dam, So Jung Hwan and Kim Jun Gyu.

The fifth member Park Jung Woo was revealed two days ago. The sixth member has been revealed today and it is Yoon Jaehyuk. He is born in 2001 and is a vocalist.

This leaves us with one final member to be added from the upcoming group, the final member shall be revealed two days from now on January 25 at 11 AM KST.

Fans are divided on the choice of the sixth trainee, all of YG trainees are talented but some fans argue that Yoon Jaehyuk still needs more training, others are happy with the choice.

Yoon Jaehyuk has only been training for 7 months and was ranked at #38 finishing in last place during the first round of evaluations, despite that, he showed growth throughout the intense survival show period.


What do you personally think of the choice?


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