WINNER’s Mino has savagely dissed Dispatch recently at the 33rd Golden Disk Awards.

On January 5, the first night of the 33rd Golden Disk Awards was held; WINNER’s Mino had a solo performance scheduled of his hit track “fiancé” and another track of his solo debut album titled “Agree.” His performance was pre-recorded because on the day of the event, his group had a solo concert to hold.

To WINNER fans, the song “Agree” is a direct diss at Korean news outlet Dispatch that has previously attempted to ruin his image back in mid-2018.  He was attacked for following an Instagram account of a photographer called Miller Rodriguez. (Full story here)

The photographer’s account was accused of pedophilia and pornography and his site was banned by the Korean government for its explicit potentially harmful content.

This account and the fact that Mino followed it was brought to light by Dispatch, which caused an outrage among YG fans who didn’t take kindly to the outlet calling the report an attempt to ruin Mino’s image.

In his GDA performance, he was sitting in front of a table with MICs surrounding him, as if he was making a statement, he said,

“What’d you think this BBQ place is a photo wall?

See a break; they try to get something out of me these doctor fishes

It’s all the same stuff Dispatch does

You did it? Um…

Whatever… I’m so evading it”

You can check out the entire performance here.

He did censor the word Dispatch and replaced it with a disgusted face that says it all.

WINNER fans loved the direct diss at Dispatch; Mino’s image was hurt because of that report released by Dispatch. Some also believe he was trying to make a statement to protect his fellow labelmate Jennie.

Dispatch had recently released photos of her dates with EXO’s Kai which prompted SM and YG Entertainment to admit the two were in a relationship.

What do you think of this?

My Thoughts

Well… this is refreshing to see, I am happy!

I still remember the witch hunt that happened back in July last year, it was sad that one Instagram account can damage someone’s reputation like this, its really sad!

And what’s even worse is that some will actually try to ruin you or stain your career because of this, its sad and pathetic with all honesty that someone is willing to resort to such extremes to ruin someone but when they resort to such methods you know well that they can’t find anything on him.

I am glad that Mino took aim at them!


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