Will HyunA And Hyojong Promote As A Duo Under P-Nation? PSY New Label Issues A Response


The happy news was revealed about two hours ago, HyunA and Hyojong signed exclusive contracts with PSY’s new label P-Nation.

PSY shared the happy news with two posts personally to his Instagram account.

Back on January 24, PSY officially announced the establishment of his new label where he said he’d use his knowledge as a producer and artist for 19 years to bring together artists and people who love music.

His first signed artist was rapper Jessi and his second and third signed artists are HyunA and Hyojong, anticipation for what artists he’ll sign next is high.

Following the announcement through the Instagram posts, the agency released an official statement in which they explained they signed HyunA and Hyojong two days ago on January 25.

When the agency was asked if they’re planning on promoting as a duo or not, they careful added ‘nothing has been decided yet.’

Fans can’t wait to hear new music from the couple.

Would you want them to continue promoting as a duo or individually?

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My Thoughts

I am personally skeptic of the duo idea but of course its not up to me to decide that.

If I were to consider it from the Korean entertainment industry point of view, being a duo is risky. Also, they are young, very young. There is the possibility of a breakup, o,f course I wish from the bottom of my heart that never happens but it can, and it will backfire on them if they had been a duo and then announced their breakup.

Being a duo in South Korea can be extremely risky, you also establish the idea that you’re a team together, when you engrave that idea inside netizens heads, it’ll be difficult to change that.

Us international fans are more supportive and less critical of our idols but the same can’t be said about Korean netizens, if you’ve been in the Kpop community for a while now then you know well we don’t have the power netizens have and that’s the biggest issue with the duo idea.

There is a side of me that believes HyunA is smarter than this, she’s young but she’s been in the entertainment industry long enough to know the duo idea can backfire in her face and her boyfriend’s face badly.

Of course, I want them to create music together and they did promote together (as a trio alongside Hui) and it was cool AF, but I don’t know about promoting as a duo now, promoting separately would be best and releasing songs together every once and while would be a good idea.

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