TXT Highly Anticipated Debut Happening In March Not February? Big Hit Issues A Response To Reports

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Big Hit Entertainment highly anticipated upcoming boy group is already the center of attention; it will be their first group following BTS who debuted back in 2013. BTS’s immense success domestically and overseas has drawn people to TXT, their junior group.

Big Hit Entertainment hasn’t released many official statements since confirming they would be debut a new boy group last year.

On January 31, news outlet Ilgan Sports reported that TXT will not debut in February but in March. The industry insiders and broadcast networks reportedly knew this fact for some time, according to the report.

However, Big Hit Entertainment denied this and released an official statement to Ilgan Sports. In their statement, they explained the debut date hasn’t been announced,

“We will announce the debut date once its been confirmed.”

So far, Big Hit Entertainment has released various video and photo teasers but no mention of the debut date. Big Hit started teasing for the group 21 days ago.

Fans initially thought TXT would make their debut in February since the agency has been teasing for almost a month.

Are you excited about their upcoming debut?

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My Thoughts

For many reasons I don’t believe they’ll debut in March.

Big hit started teasing for them about a month ago, they have already released so many individual and group teasers, people get sick fast and I don’t think they’ll just keep releasing new photo and video teasers for another month.

Also, according to various reports, BTS are planning to come back in the first half of 2019; big hit did deny it but it honestly feels like they’ll come back around June if not before that.

Now to give TXT the spotlight, big hit will probably try to distance their debut from their sunbaes comeback. February is the perfect month for that. People will continue to talk about them and focus on them while BTS are recording in the studio and tour.

If they debut them in March and reports keep coming out about BTS’s impending comeback, TXT’s debut will be overshadowed. At least this is how I see it personally!

I have a feeling they’ll debut before February ends, in mid-February perhaps. I am not interested in stanning them but rather interested in seeing how the marketing strategy created for them will work and how will big hit attempt to set them apart.

I work in marketing so this is what interests me; it’ll be interesting to see how well the public will receive them taking into account big hit’s marketing methods.

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