The kpop community can’t stop talking about two highly anticipated upcoming rookie groups.

On January 21 at midnight KST, Big Hit And JYP Entertainment both revealed exciting details about their upcoming rookie groups, Big Hit Entertainment revealed the 5th member of TXT Beomgyu while JYP Entertainment revealed the five girls of its upcoming girl group ITZY.

Shortly after the announcements, Twitter was buzzing with tweets about Beomgyu and ITZY. ITZY topped worldwide twitter trends at number one and Beomgyu followed at number two, Ryujin also made it to the top 10 trends.

Fans and experts are expecting 2019 to be a battlefield for rookie groups, alongside TXT and ITZY, YG Entertainment is planning on debuting a new boy group later this year, Mnet will also debut an upcoming boy group for its upcoming season of Produce series.

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Are you excited about TXT and ITZY upcoming debut?