TXT Beomgyu And ITZY Top Worldwide Trends On Twitter


The kpop community can’t stop talking about two highly anticipated upcoming rookie groups.

On January 21 at midnight KST, Big Hit And JYP Entertainment both revealed exciting details about their upcoming rookie groups, Big Hit Entertainment revealed the 5th member of TXT Beomgyu while JYP Entertainment revealed the five girls of its upcoming girl group ITZY.

Shortly after the announcements, Twitter was buzzing with tweets about Beomgyu and ITZY. ITZY topped worldwide twitter trends at number one and Beomgyu followed at number two, Ryujin also made it to the top 10 trends.

Fans and experts are expecting 2019 to be a battlefield for rookie groups, alongside TXT and ITZY, YG Entertainment is planning on debuting a new boy group later this year, Mnet will also debut an upcoming boy group for its upcoming season of Produce series.

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Are you excited about TXT and ITZY upcoming debut?


3 thoughts on “TXT Beomgyu And ITZY Top Worldwide Trends On Twitter”

  1. There is no way a girl group will top .TXT. It’s just that they introduced them together and so far we have only seen TXT members separately- not performing. NO WAY. I personally, and I’m sure I am not alone, never follow girl groups. I do in Latin and Hip hop- English. But just don’t care for the girly , white, skinny – lack of soul. I do like Jessie. And Aillee

    • I dont know how you can just so easily predict this. just because you don’t personally care doesn’t mean others don’t. I also don’t like girl girl groups with cute concepts but there are many amazing girl groups who are breaking records day and night. how about we wait and see how it turns out?

    • I am a girlgroup stan only and i listen to boygroups songs too but i’m just not into them as much…and i’m a girl. I do like BTS and 3-4 other boygroups bit like 50 girl groups. And i’m not that into cute concept other but girls don’t have only cute concept. And it’s rude to say girl groups can’t be first, just saying. Just look at SNSD (topped all boy groups when they were on peek and even after)


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