The World Is Already Obsessed With TXT Big Hit Entertainment Upcoming Boy Group

TXT, the upcoming Big Hit Entertainment, is already taking over everybody’s mind!

On January 11 at midnight KST, Big Hit Entertainment revealed the name and logo of its upcoming boy group TXT (Tomorrow X Together) as well as the first boy group member Yeonjun and people went wild.

Twitter was buzzing with keywords relating to the newest reveal, so much so that #TomorrowXTogether, TXT and Yeonjun occupied the top three spots in Twitter worldwide trends.

This is unprecedented for a boy group that hasn’t even debuted yet. The spotlight in on TXT who are the next Big Hit Entertainment boy group following BTS. The boys are going to be placed under a lot of pressure as everybody’s expectations are extremely high.

BTS are a worldwide phenomenon that’s been dominating and leading the Kpop scene for the past couple of years; they were the first Kpop group to score a single in the Billboard Top 10 of HOT100 and achieved so many other milestones that no Kpop group has ever even dreamt of.

So it’s only logical that world would have their eyes set on Big Hit Entertainment next boy group.

Here are some of fans best tweets:

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