The Sixth Member Theory Debunked, TXT Unveils First Full Group Teaser Photo

After three days of anticipation, it has been finally confirmed, TXT is not a six-member boy group.

Big Hit Entertainment has been keeping a low profile when it comes to TXT concept among many other things, they have rarely released any official statements on the group aside from the one statement assuring they’re ready to debut a new boy group in early 2019.

Due to past experience, ARMY have been having fun theorizing what TXT’s concept will be as well as the group member count. Many drew theories that states TXT had a six member that was supposed to be revealed today.

Fans and spectators had no idea about the group member count and have been anticipating January 24.

On January 24 at Midnight KST, TXT shared their first official group photo, it is composed of the already revealed five members Yeonjun (19), Hueningkai (16), Beomgyu (17), Soobin (18), and Taehyun (16). The agency also confirmed their official age.

They had also released an intriguing introduction film that features all the members of the group, thus debunking the idea of TXT being more than 5 boys.

Industry insider had already discussed the group and revealed to media outlets that TXT would be composed of five members, it is reported that Big Hit Entertainment is trying to distinguish TXT from BTS to help create their own identity, the group member count seems be also taken into consideration.

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Check out the photos and the introduction film below:

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