Super Junior Kyuhyun And His Family Been Suffering From A Sasaeng Stalker For The Past 3 Years


Fans have been in utter shock after finding out that Super Junior Kyuhyun and his family has been suffering from a serious creepy stalker for the past three years.

The issue was brought to light by Kyuhyun’s sister who revealed that she’s been stalked and threatened by Sasaeng for the past three years. To her Instagram account, she shared various screenshots of messages she’s been receiving from the stalker. The stalker threatened to kill her and has hacked her account and her phone, she explained in her instagram post.

The stalker has also apparently been constantly calling and texting Kyuhyun’s family, but the creepy story doesn’t stop there, Kyuhyun’s sister also shared a screenshot of a message the stalker sent of her father, in the message the stalker wrote, “I am watching.”

The stalker also constantly sent creepy harassing messages wishing the sister a good night and assuring her he/she is always watching.

After she exposed the stalker on Instagram, his/her ID became known (hyori35) and as a result, the stalker started threatening the family again saying he/she will share their personal information and destroy Kyuhyun’s career.

“Do what I say or you will regret it for real this time. I’m literally coming to your house right now you b****” and “I will ruin Kyuhyun’s career.”

As a result, the sister had to delete the posts.

Netizens were extremely taken back by the news and left in utter shock after seeing screenshots of their conversations on Instagram, the issue starting trending in South Korea and fans demanded SM Entertainment take strict action against the stalker to help Kyuhyun’s family.

In response to the horrific story, SJ Label issued an official statement in which they explained they had no knowledge about the issue until Kyuhyun’s sister posted about it.

They explained that Kyuhyun’s sister is currently in the hospital due to childbirth and getting in contact with her would be difficult. They also added they’d be giving their full assistance so things get resolved.

About their lack of knowledge in what was going on, they explained,

“Since Kyuhyun thought it was his family’s business, he never asked for help from the agency. We learned of the matter after reading the post uploaded to social media. Kyuhyun also added the netizen has never threatened him directly.”

Kyuhyun is currently serving the military and will be discharged on May 7, 2019.

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