“The Last Empress” aired its first episode in late November 2018 and it has been making headlines ever since.

Its crazy plot and amazing cast shot its popularity through the roof, no one had anticipated it would generate this level of success or buzz.

The entire cast is doing pretty well in their respective characters and you’re probably curious about them, so here are some interesting facts about the cast of the drama.


Shin Sung Rok Was A Part Of A Drama That Received Backlash From The Muslim Community


Shin Sung Rok struggled a lot before he completely shed his cold image


Jang Nara Received A Lot Of Hate For Her Alleged Wedding Rumors To Park Bo Gum


Jang Nara Has Done A Drama That Might Never See The Light Of Day


Jang Nara donated close to 12 million dollars since her debut

Jang Nara led an immensely successful career in singing

Jang Nara was signed under SM Entertainment and even trained alongside BoA and Wheesung but as she was about to debut in a girl group she was dropped by the agency because she had less popularity compared to others.

She proved them to be extremely wrong afterward, she launched a successful solo career later, at the height of her solo career she was immensely popular rivaling not only the soloists but the biggest Kpop girl groups back then, there used to be a Jang Nara-syndrome back in the day.

She had even won a Daesang.


Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk worked together 3 times before

Jang Nara Wants To Marry By Any Means After 37


Choi Jin Hyuk Suffered An Injury Filming For “The Last Empress”


Choi Jin Hyuk Was Released Early From The Military


Choi Jin Hyuk Developed Trauma Because Of His Real Age


Lee Elijah Received Harsh Comments For Her Role In “The Last Empress”


Lee Elijah kiss with Park Seo Joon went viral


Lee Hee Jin Was Part Of One Of The Biggest Kpop Girl Groups


Shin Eun Kyung Led A Difficult Life


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