PSY To Try His Luck Creating An Idol Group? PSY Rumored To Be Looking For Idol Trainees


Rumor has it that PSY is looking for idol trainees for his newly established agency.

PSY left JYP Entertainment last year, since then, he established his own agency called P-Nation and it was recently revealed rapper Jessi has signed with the label.

A New exclusive report by Korean media outlet Sports Seoul, the popular rapper is actively trying to recruit idol trainees for his agency holding auditions, the report also suggest some idol trainees from other agencies have also been transferred to his agency.

An insider revealed that PSY has recruited a rookie development team director from a major agency to help kick start the pursuit.

What do you think of this?

My Thoughts

Starting any company and especially a label is challenging but I believe PSY can do it.

He’s at a point in his life where it would be logical for him to start an agency of his own, I kinda expected him to start one when it was announced he had left YG Entertainment.

He’s well-established in his country and has been in the industry for such a long time, which probably means he has good relations and ties with many people who can help him get things going.

I am actually excited about this, if this is confirmed by his agency directly I would be even happier. I am really curious to see what kind of group he’ll come up with and what kind of vibe they’ll carry.

I am also curious to see how he’ll handle it as the CEO.


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