Previously Known For Being Especially Close, Former EXO Members Tao And Kris FINALLY Reunite

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A lot of things happened around the beginning of 2019, being extremely busy covering Jennie and Kai dating news, I delayed the subject of Tao and Kris Wu, the two reunited on screen for the first time in four years on December 31st, 2018.

Tao and Kris Wu are former EXO members who departed at different times. Kris left first, Luhan then followed by Tao. Kris and Tao were known for being especially close during their EXO days, when Kris left Tao vented on social media and called his action of departure a ‘betrayal.’

Since then, after Tao left as well, he expressed his remorse for saying those things back in the days. He revealed in an interview with Sina, that he only found about Kris leaving the group when the news spread online, he added

“I don’t know if he could forgive me or not.”

But it seems that all is good because we can finally see Tao and Kris on the same screen together. They both appeared at the Dragon Television New Year Concert, they even stood together and exchanged a hug.

They even started following each other on their Weibo and instagram accounts to the delight of many fans.

Check out the amazing hug moment below:

My Thoughts

MAnnnnn 2014 was an interesting year!

I used to follow EXO closely back when they exploded onto the scene. When Kris left I really didn’t like the way he left.

Back then I didn’t really blame him for leaving, I knew about JYJ and their case (which they had actually won against SM) so I wasn’t going to blame him or want him to be stuck in a contract with an agency that doesn’t care about him.

Tao reaction at the time was also understandable. The whole atmosphere and how Kris departed left a bad taste in my mouth, in my opinion, out of the three members’ departure Kris was handled the worst, it was a huge shock!!

Tao is an extremely sensitive person to those who don’t know and I don’t blame him for impulsively expressing his emotions when it happened, I would have done the same, its natural to feel betrayed especially since (according to Tao) he just left without letting him know.

I am happy they seem to have gotten over this, they were younger back in the day and young people make mistakes. Tao always looked up to Kris and liked him which explains why he felt betrayed when he left, I am happy for Tao to have met a friend again, I hope they grow closer and we see more moments of them in 2019!

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