Pornhub Tags BLACKPINK Rose And Starts Following Her On Instagram? WHAT IS GOING ON?


We’re only 12 days into January and some are already done with this year!

Who would have thought that Pornhub and BLACKPINK would ever be in the same sentence?

Turns out its possible and it could be that Pornhub are becoming fans of the group.

Fans noticed that Pornhub posted two snapshots of Lisa to their Instagram story and tagged Rose in the process for some reason; guess they mixed up both girls.

Lisa was standing next to a Pornhub hoodie and it looks like Pornhub perhaps misunderstood? I don’t know! But they post those photos of Lisa and Rose who looks like she was out and about in the market in Bangkok at night.

BLACKPINK are now in the Thailand for their ever stop of their world tour, they had recently announced stops at Europe and the U.S.


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