NU’EST’s Baekho Expresses His Gratitude For BTS’s V Kind Action That Went Viral At 2019 GDA

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NU’EST’s Baekho Calls BTS’s V An Angel For The Way He Helped Them Out During 2019 GDA

As previously reported, on January 6 the 33rd Golden Disc Awards were held. There were many moments that fans couldn’t stop talking about; one of those moments was a sweet interaction between NU’EST W and BTS’s V.

The kind act made headlines and went viral. (Read the full story here)

On January 23, NU’EST’s Baekho held a V Live Session to talk to fans, in one of the questions was about the 33rd Golden Disc Awards. Baekho said,

“At the Golden Disc Awards two of us were standing and two of us were sitting. Well I am going to tell you what happened. There were three chairs and we had to sit on them but we were four, so if the three of us sit on the chairs and one stand ups, it would look weird. But all of us can’t stand up.

So we were thinking of how not to make it look weird. We often do this when we do interviews. So if two of us sit in the front line and two of us stand behind… we thought that if we did that people would think we did it intentionally.

So, another singer (referring to V) brought us a chair, I appreciated it so much, I was so thankful. When we were flustered, that singer gave us a solution. He was like an angel, that’s how I feel.”

When the fancam of V’s kind act went viral netizens couldn’t stop praising V for his kind act.

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