The prestigious award show the 33rd Golden Disc Awards was held on January 5 and 6 to celebrate the best of 2018 music.

On January 5, the 33rd Golden Disc Awards celebrated the digital releases of 2018. BIGBANG took home an award that night; they won a Bongsang in Digital Song Division alongside other nine artists and groups.

They received the award for their 2018 hit track “Flower Road.” They had released the track to say goodbye to their fans while they serve the military.

The song was an immense success; it achieved a perfect-all-kill on all major Korean charts shortly after its release. It was praised by the public and listened to by fans who vowed to wait for the boys as they served their country.

BIGBANG was talked about again after winning a Bongsang with zero promotions, which isn’t easy to get. BIGBANG won the award without even trying to promote it on music shows or through appearances on TV shows.

The other winners of Bongsang in Digital Song Division were BLACKPINK, Bolbbalgan4, BTS, Chungha, iKON, MAMAMOO, MOMOLAND, Roy Kim, and TWICE.

BIGBANG proves once again their power in the Kpop industry dominating the charts and winning awards even when they’re on hiatus.

Congrats to BIGBANG!



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