Im Siwan Picks His First Drama Project Ahead Of His Military Discharge

Idol-Actor Im Siwan has already found his upcoming project despite the fact that he’s still in military!

On January 28, OCN confirmed that Im Siwan is leading its upcoming drama “Strangers from Hell.”

“Strangers from Hell” is an upcoming thriller drama based on the popular webtoon of the same title. It tells the story of strange people sharing space in the same dormitory when mysterious incidents start to happen after one guy movies in.

Im Siwan will play the role of Yoon Jong Woo who moves to Seoul from the countryside after finding a new job.

Im Siwan is still serving the military and will be discharged on March 27, however, fans were excited to see what kind of project he plans on returning with once he’s discharged.

OCN revealed in a statement that they’re thrilled to be working with Im Siwan who fits the character description perfectly. They also added the drama tone and storyline not only fits OCN but also serves as a vehicle to discuss social problems these days.

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My Thoughts


O.M.G, I am so excited!

I love Siwan and I watched a lot of his dramas without knowing he was an idol, he’s by far one of the best idol actors out there.

I love OCN as well, I am a huge fan of thriller, horror and such, OCN provides the best dramas for people who want to see something mysterious, scary, creepy and such.

I love the idea behind the show as well and I can’t wait to see it as a drama, I don’t personally read webtoons so I’ll be tuning in without any previous knowledge or base for comparison.

When is March coming?

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