HyunA’s Look At A Recent Event Shocks Fans And Netizens

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HyunA is known for being an idol who loves fashion and experimenting but her most recent look at an event for PUMA is making people wonder!

She had attended PUMA’s event in Hannam-dong Seoul on January 25th, the photos taken by the press shocked Korean netizens and international fans.

Her figure looked extremely skinny and her makeup was weird, netizens left comments like (comment source),

 [+496, -14] Hyuna and E’Dawn just get skinnier and skinnier, they’re going to end up like anorexia patients at this rate

[+459, -18] What’s with her face…

[+393, -15] I remember reading that E’Dawn said he’s a picky eater who barely eats, and mostly snacks as his main meals… So what do they eat all day? Snacks??? She looks aged without any fat in her face

[+37, -7] Why is her mouth like that..

[+30, -1] Overdrawn lips… and her styling doesn’t match her skin tone either

[+28, -1] Is drawing your lipstick round like that the trend these days?

[+26, -1] She looks sickly.. like she’s on drugs..;;

[+23, -2] What did she do to her face? Sigh, she looks like a monster

[+22, -1] I’m pretty sure her mouth never stuck out like this before but it seems like her lip fillers are making it hard to close her mouth ㅜㅜ

[+16, -0] Maybe because her cheeks are so gaunt but her lips look like they’re sticking out… really not pretty…

[+12, -5] What did she do to her face? She used to have such high cheekbones

Not too long ago, it was reported that HyunA and Hyojong (E’Dawn) were looking for agencies separately, they’re planning on actively promoting once they find an agency.

HyunA has been a free-agent since her departure from Cube Entertainment back in October 2018.

Check out the photos:

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