HyunA Just Referred To Hyojong (E’Dawn) As Her Fiance In A Post, What Does This Mean?


What is with HyunA and Hyojong’s recent post? fans are curious!

On January 3rd, HyunA shared a sweet video of her and her boyfriend Hyojong jamming in the recording studio, they were listening to their collaboration track.

The content of the collaboration track has got people talking because HyunA seems to be referencing Hyojong as her fiancé.

She captioned the video to her Instagram with the lyrics sang in the song clip she said,

Here is her part:

“It’s about the nuances that only we know.

I promise you everything, fiancé.

There’s a bunch of flowers that have bloomed.”

Hyojong’s part:

“You and I walked the same way.

We’ll spend the rest of our time together every day.

Our relationship is the best of all shining brighter than anything like 100 carat diamond.”

The post has gotten people talking about what they’re hinting at, with HyunA referring to Hyojong as her fiancé, fans are eager to find out if they’re taking their relationship to the next step.

The couple has been dating for more than two years and still going strong. HyunA is two years old than Hyojong!


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