HyunA And Hyojong Looking For Separate Agencies, Fan Dreams Of A Duo Over?


HyunA And Hyojong (E’Dawn) might not be going to sign together in the same agency after all!

On January 16, a source from the industry revealed that the two artists have begun contacting various agency representatives but separately, and the reason for that being their long-term goals for growth differs.

“The two artists are looking for a company that can reliably support them as they are both passionate about work.” The source told news outlets.

The two artists will begin working and promoting actively as soon as they find an agency.

As expected, its been reported that many agencies have been sending love calls for HyunA, and its also reported that Hyojong might sign with an overseas agency since he plans on promoting actively outside of Korea.

Fans are happy to learn the couple is looking for agencies to get back to business but sad that this probably means the fans wishes of a duo might be over since they won’t sign with the same agency.

The two have left Cube Entertainment back in late 2018; the departure came to be after the two revealed they were dating in August.

They have been free-agents ever since, however; they shared various videos of dance practices together. They also shared a song they had recorded together to their instagram.

What do you think of this?

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My Thoughts

I am personally happy about this!

I was thinking about making a video to talk about this particular subject and why if they signed to the same label it would be bad for them.

If you sign as a duo, you must be entirely sure you won’t breakup and they are still pretty young. Even if they had a fight or what not, they must promote as a duo with a smile on their face and not show this to anyone.

It also (career-wise) restrictive since they will always be perceived as a duo and once they take that route it will be difficult for people to view them as separate artists anymore.

Onto HyunA, I think she won’t struggle in finding an agency; she has been in the business for a while now and has shown herself to be a very talented sexy idol so I highly doubt she will struggle.

I think it would be a good idea if she signed under a hip-hop label, AOMG or Illionare would be good. She needs to be signed into a chill agency that wouldn’t mind her public dating and constant posting about her boyfriend, idol labels won’t want to deal with this headache.

However, the same can’t be said about Hyojong, I am worried about him!

With the way he departed the agency with his girlfriend and the fact that they told the press they were dating without their label knowledge is going to haunt him in the future.

From a Korean business point of view, agencies wouldn’t want to deal with Hyojong no matter how talented he was, because he didn’t display good obedient attitude and that presents a problem for them.

No matter how talent he was, he could just easily take off or do something without the label approval and this is a huge PR disaster for Korean labels.

I was disappointed but not surprised that the report says Hyojong is looking to be signed into an overseas agency, mostly likely because he will struggle to find a Korean one to support him.

He has an uphill battle ahead of him, he is the one who will suffer the most from the dating news and its fallout, HyunA has money and has been around for a long time so she can surely save herself, the same can’t be said about a rookie idol who just started out.

I would personally recommend he writes songs for now for other artists and take it from there, I wouldn’t personally recommend he signs with a foreign label unless he wants to kiss his Korean music career goodbye.

A lot of good idols promote mostly in Japan and find success there but struggle to appease to the Korean fans when they make the shift, TVXQ is an example.

Love is love and work is work and sometimes its not the best idea to group them together. HyunA can save Hyojong and if she wants help him find an agency but I personally wish Hyojong takes on this challenge himself.

In case they weren’t aware, they will now feel the true consequences of the decisions they made, the uphill battle will start now.


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