How BTS Ended Up Unintentionally Shedding Light On ITZY And Not Only TXT

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They say that everything BTS touches or mentions gets headline and that is indeed the case, its been proven yet again recently with Jungkook who caused a fabric softener company to run out of supply simply because he said he uses it.

2019 is already shaping out to be an interesting competitive year especially among rookies, some of the biggest entertainment agencies are preparing to debut new groups.

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Big Hit Entertainment made headlines when they announced they will debut an upcoming boy group which will be their first following BTS. Everyone is highly anticipating the upcoming boy group which has revealed five members until now.

BTS Jin recently asked fans to look forward to TXT’s upcoming debut and teased BTS’s return this generated even more buzz around the upcoming boy group.

But this isn’t the only upcoming rookie group that has connections to BTS; JYP upcoming girl group is also a very familiar face to many ARMY.

A couple of days ago, JYP Entertainment shocked its fans by suddenly revealing the first video teaser of its upcoming girl group ITZY.

Many quickly pointed out that there are two female rookies in that group who looked eerily familiar, turns out two of ITZY members had previously worked with BTS.

Ryujin appeared in BTS’s LOVE YOURSELF highlight reel which was released back in August 2017 with J-hope and Jimin. She has also competed on MIXNINE which drew even more spotlight towards her.

But she’s not the only one who appeared in the same highlight reel, Shin Yuna, the youngest member of her group also appeared in the video alongside Jungkook, she was so little back then so it wasn’t easy to spot her like Ryujin.

This inevitably drew more attention towards ITZY, aside from JYP’s reputation even nonfans are anticipating and/or already familiar with members of the upcoming girl group, this helps draw even more attention towards them.

This is who BTS unintentionally helped shed light on the talented members of ITZY.

You can check out their appearances in the video below:

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Who’s excited about ITZY debut?

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