How Are BLINKS And EXO-Ls Reacting To Jennie And Kai Dating News? See Some Of The Best Tweets

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It’s been a couple of hours since SM Entertainment confirmed Kai and Jennie to be dating with a very short statement. Twitter is still buzzing about the newest idol couple!

On twitter, both Jennie and Jongin (Kai’s real name) are trending on worldwide trends.

International BLINKs and EXO-Ls can’t stop talking about the new couple, some are shocked while others are confused, but one thing is for sure, both fandoms aren’t reacting (majority) negative to the news, which is a good thing!

Both fandoms are waving their never-ending supporting of the two and are reminding others to respect their privacy.

Check out some of the best tweets:

YG Entertainment Stock Price Dips Following Jennie’s Dating News, Plus Jennie And Kai Trend On Twitter

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  1. Fans are such idiots sometimes. Always assuming in their little heads and never see reality. So you really think that this breaking news about Jennie and Kai are a way to believe or to swear that there will not be any more issues between companies? (If that is a fact then… kudos for the new couple and congratulations) but, since fans are NOT the one who carries the rules and are NOT the ones who says the last word, then we just have to sit and wait. But just in case, don’t be surprised if this turned out to be another case similar to HyunA and Ed’wan, cause I won’t be.

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