Hong Soo Hyun And Microdot Officially Break Up

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It has been a rough couple of months for Hong Soo Hyun and Microdot!

According to Xportnews, the couple has officially broken up. Hong Soo Hyun’s agency had personally released a statement confirming the two have ended their relationship.

The agency didn’t reveal the reason for the breakup citing that it was their private lives. This means their six-month public relationship is already over. The two met on the set of Channel A’s “The Fishermen and the City” and announced they had been dating back in July last year.

The breakup rumors had been lingering around the couple since last year and it all dates back to Microdot’s controversy surrounding his parents’ alleged fraud.

Back in October last year, rumors spread online claiming that Microdot’s parents had committed fraud against people, initially, the rapper had denied all the allegations and said he’d take strong legal action against the rumors.

He later apologized and ended up stepping out of all the programs he’d been a part in, his and his brother’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Since the news broke out, many had been speculating that Hong Soo Hyun and Microdot had broken up, but the two remained silent on the matter.

What do you think of this?

My Thoughts

Its sad! I find this sad with all honesty; I was hoping they last.

I stand by Microdot; the man has done nothing wrong. Yes, he did a little mistake saying he would sue those who claimed his parents were frauds but anyone in such circumstances would have stood up to his parents. I mean even the news confirmed he wasn’t going to be prosecuted and that he was only six when it all happened if I were him and someone accused my parents I would have stood up for them.

I am all in for punishing those who screw up, celebrities or not even if I was a fan or even if I loved them. But this guy is a victim of his parents’ wrongdoings he doesn’t deserve this. I feel so sorry for him that he’s a celebrity in South Korea who had all his hard work taken away in a moment.

I had hoped that Hong Soo Hyun would realize this and know he isn’t to blame, I had hoped she would stay by his side during this extremely turbulent time in his life. Hong Soo Hyun is 37 years old, she is not a young actress with her career ahead of her that such a scandal can ruin her image, I seriously had hoped for a different ending.

I am rooting for you Microdot!

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