Greek TV Show ridicules BTS, EXO and Wanna One Looks, Gets Heavily criticized by Kpop fandoms

In whats raging the internet Kpop community today we have a Greek TV program to talk about, the Greek TV show “Eutixeite” was reacting to TC Calendar’s 100 Most Handsome Faces Of 2018, however, their reactions drew immense negative feedback from the general Kpop community.

TC Calendar’s 100 Most Handsome Faces Of 2018 featured many Kpop artists, last year BTS’s V was crowned the most handsome face of 2017, this year he placed at number two.

They reacted to Wanna One’s Kang Daniel, EXO’s Sehun, BTS’s Jungkook and V. In their reactions, they showed unprofessionalism and said mean comments, calling to question if they were boys or not and if they were Chinese, not Korean, one of their comments was, ‘is her a man?’

The show hosts also called all of the idols lookalikes and said they couldn’t understand how they got into the list, the main host Katerina Kainourgiou even said,

“Come on guys, handsome Korean men exist but these Koreans are objectively ugly.”

The video:

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This didn’t sit well with EXO-Ls, ARMY and Wannables. The three fandoms called out the hosts of the show for being racist and for their prejudice remarks which they called ‘disgusting, disrespectful and discriminating.’

The three fandoms didn’t sit quietly and took matters into their own hands; they mass reported the issues to the groups’ respective labels and proceeded to demand an apology of the main show host as well as the other co-hosts of the show.

After this issue exploded among all Kpop international fans, the host  Katerina Kainourgiou posted an apology to her social media accounts, she wrote,

“I am receiving terrible and threatening comments and messages on my social media and I don’t think this is appropriate.

I want to apologize to everyone who felt insulted from our humoristic comment son yesterday’s TV show and to the fans of Wanna One Kang Daniel, EXO Sehun and BTS’s Taehyung and Jungkook.

On Monday we will make a tribute to their artistic side. Thank you in advance.”

As you’d expect the apology didn’t fly with the general Kpop community who continued to call her out for playing down her insulting comments to ‘humoristic comment.’ They continue to demand they apologize live on TV to the whole world to see.

She also added another post to her Instagram story in which she wrote,

“Guys I feel like you are being unfair with us… me or my colleagues never made racists comments. I apologize to whoever felt insulted. I was not aware of their artistic side and how great musicians they are.

Thank you!”

According to other Greek Kpop fans, another Greek talk-show host covered the incident and basically said that the comments made by that show were unacceptable and that everyone has the right to dress however they want.

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What do you think of this?

My Thoughts

What they said was rude; they could have expressed it a bit differently!

I don’t personally agree with what they said but I am really against fandoms sending death threats or replying back with equally offensive comments, that’s not how this should be handled…. (I am not saying all fandoms handled it like that but I saw some very bad comments in response to what they said)

The hosts didn’t know what they got themselves to and really dug a hole because they messed with two of the biggest fandoms in Kpop. ARMY and EXO-Ls won’t let this easily pass by.

I am of the mindset that people have the right to find any Kpop idol good looking or ugly and they have the right to express how they feel about this. I really disagree if they think they don’t look good but I won’t ask them to shut the hell up because I don’t like what they say, that’s censorship and I am heavily against it.

Of course, that’s a personal opinion.

However, I read they questioned the idols sexuality and called them women, that ain’t right sis! They should have expressed it in a different tone without trying to ridicule their looks. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and its subjective.

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