Sasaengs are at it again!

Recently, a video of EXO’s Chanyeol running away at the airport from obsessive so-called fans (Sasaengs) has been angering EXO-Ls.

The video in question was posted by Newsen, upon watching the clips of Chanyeol running around trying to avoid those obsessive people who keep invading his privacy, EXO-Ls were furious.

This isn’t a new thing and this isn’t the first time we talk about Sasaengs invading idols’ privacy at the airport, recently an issue with Wanna One and Sasaengs caused an airline to change its return-policy, the Sasaengs demanded to leave the airplane soon after getting on and getting the chance to see Wanna One members, causing delay because the airplane had to deplane again and reboard the flight causing serious delay.

EXO isn’t a stranger to these incidents, not too long ago Chanyeol’s shoes were ripped at the airport, he even posted a long instagram post about it asking fans to respect his privacy and not cause a disturbance.

The schedule Chanyeol was attending wasn’t even an official one, it seems to be that of a vacation time, he was supposed to leave to Japan but some people found out and waited for him at the airport.

Check out the full video:

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EXO-Ls have expressed their frustration with those Sasaengs writing many comments such as,


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