“Downy Adorable” Company Just Issued An Apology, Stock Of Two Months Completely Sold-Out


You thought I was done covering the cute story of Jungkook and “Downy Adorable”?  Well… buckle up, the story gets funnier!

Previously, various Korean news outlets reported that the stock of a fabric softener called “Downy Adorable” was selling out fast both on and offline, this all happened because of Jungkook.

A funny sweet interaction between Jungkook and his fans in the group’s official fancafe led to this, he was talking about laundry with his fans, when asked about his favorite fabric softener he named “Downy Adorable.”

ARMY being ARMY only thought it would be right if they used the same fabric softener, which led to high demand of it.

On January 22, the company behind “Downy Adorable” had to send some customers who bought the product this message,

“Two months’ worth of orders was completely sold out in a day due to a surge in orders and after 02:00 pm on the 22nd of January, we belatedly recognized the sudden increase in the order quantity, and in the process, we received orders over out of our stock size.

This is why we’re forced to cancel your product order because of the lack of stock, we’re sorry for the inconvenience.”

Screenshot of message sent to customers

Fans were shocked by the message sent to some of them and left comments such as, ‘wow the power of BTS,’ ‘such dedicated fandom,’ and ‘Downy must be happy.’

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