Is there anything that BTS touch that doesn’t turn to gold? The answer is no, there isn’t!

On January 20, a funny sweet interaction between Jungkook and his fans in the group’s official fancafe caused a shortage in a fabric softener “Downy Adorable.”

Basically, he was talking about laundry with his fans and said he likes using the said fabric softener. This made the fabric softener top real-time search engines and there was a temporary shortage of the product as well, online and offline.

Fans flocked to buy the same fabric softener Jungkook recommended, what followed soon was a streak of memes on twitter, international ARMY applauded Korean ARMY who done this.

Fans then started photoshopping images of Jungkook to Downy Adorable, the results were hilarious.

In response to the temporary shortage, Jungkook took to twitter to playfully tease the fans, he said,

“ARMY, I have almost used up all my fabric softener so I must buy more.. its sold out. #ARMY is impressive”

This also triggered the conversation behind just how powerful BTS members are that even the slightest unintentional mention of a product could lead to such impressive results.

Indeed, BTS hold so much power!


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