Kpop fans of various groups were just naturally streaming their favs MV when something shocking happened that sent them into panic.

ONCE noticed that three TWICE music videos had received copyright strikes and were removed from YouTube, the MVs are “Like Ooh Aah”, “Likey” and “Yes or Yes.”

ARMY noticed that BTS V’s solo song “Singularity” was also taken down. BLINKs also noticed that BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and Jennie’s “Solo” were also taken down.

PSY’s “New Face” and Jay Park’s “V” was also taken down.

These MVs hold amazing records and have millions of views, the company that has been taking down those videos is an Indian company called from “Aiplex Software Private Limited.”

Kpop fans were horrified that those MVs got taken down, immediately all the fandoms took notice and started emailing the artists’ respective companies for them to take immediate actions to the false claims.

For those who don’t know, if any YouTube channel receives three copyright strikes their channels will get taken down by YouTube itself. JYP Entertainment could have been taken down and BLACKPINK’s main channel is was one strike away from being taken down.

Luckily, the companies took immediate notice and were able to restore the MVs. Now all of the MVs I mentioned above are back up.


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