[BREAKING] EXO’s Kai Confirmed To Be Dating BLACKPINK’s Jennie

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And this year’s first official couple is…. EXO’s kai and BLACKPINK’s jennie!

Korea’s media outlet dispatch has repeatedly made a habit out of revealing a new couple on January 1st of every year and this year is no exception. This year they dropped a bombshell, two of the biggest currently promoting idols are dating!

Initially, the media outlet released photos (check out the photos) of the two out and about on dates and then followed with new photos soon after. They had first allegedly spotted them on dates back on 25th November 2018.

In other photos, Kai can be seen driving into Jennie’s residence and her getting into the car with him. On December 2, he visited her despite returning from his hectic schedule in Hawaii.

He allegedly even brought back many gifts for his girlfriend. According to Dispatch, this proves that Jennie’s previous dating obscure rumors with Yang Hyun Suk were false because the two were actually dating as early as of October 2018.

A few hours after the news broke out, SM Entertainment released an official statement confirming the two were indeed dating.

They wrote,

“The two grew fond of each other.”

Earlier, Jennie’s label YG Entertainment was contact but they didn’t give a clear stance on their relationship status.

Jennie debuted back in 2016 with BLACKPINK while Kai debuted with EXO back in 2012. This is Jennie’s first ever dating news while this is Kai’s second dating news, he was previously confirmed to be dating f(x) Krystal, however, they broke up a while ago.

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Congrats to the new couple!

Check out some of the photos released by Dispatch:




MY Thoughts

I aint gonna lie, this is a BIG DEAL!

I am shocked; I am extremely shocked right now!

I had been following Dispatch (waiting to see who will they reveal this year) and many fans were circulating rumors saying that it was an idol woman and an actor man but turn out its not that.

Right now, everything is messy, both fandoms are confused but they seem happy or at least okay with this (thank goodness!!!)

We’re yet to see just how much this will affect BLACKPINK!

I honestly wish them both the best and wish it doesn’t affect them too much. I already know that EXO’s fandom isnt probably going to be too mad since Kai had previously dated Krystal and it all went okay.

What I am worried about is not only jennie but her group-mates. I seriously hope that netizens take it easy. I have seen the majority of international fans comments congratulating them but I am yet to see netizens comments.

I am still jungshook!

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