BLACKPINK Lisa is now officially the most followed Kpop idol on instagram!

As of January 13, BLACKPINK Lisa surpassed the 13 million followers making her the most followed Kpop/female celebrity on instagram. She surpassed Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon who has 12.9 million followers as of this writing.

She has been able to surpass this huge number in a short period of time, all of BLACKPINK members opened up solo instagram accounts back in June around the same time as their comeback, fans were glad to be able to see more of the girls on instagram.

The rest of BLACKPINK members are following right behind, as of this writing, Jennie has 11.8 million followers, Rosé has 10.1 million, and Jisoo has 9.98 million followers. The girls are now in the top five most followed female celebrity instagram accounts from South Korea.

Congrats Lisa!


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