BIGBANG’s Gdragon, BTS’s Suga And The ‘Bullying’ Issue? What Is Going On?

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On January 3rd, M Countdown celebrated its 600 episode with special appearances from various artists who sat down for brief interviews to talk about stories of their debut days.

BTS were one of the groups that talked about their difficult times and shared stories about how they overcame them to become better people.

Suga shared a story but somehow after looking through twitter, I found some people accusing Gdragon of bullying him, a strong word used so I decided to investigate the subject and find out whats going on and why ARMY and VIP relationship isnt very good right now.

Let’s start with what fueled this debate around what Gdragon said. Yoongi told the cameras,

“Gdragon sunbaenim talked to me and asked what’s written on my clothing but I couldn’t answer him that I didn’t know, since it was a printing on a 14$ hoodie because we didn’t have money.”

Simple, don’t you think? But why did some ARMY start debating this and some went on to accuse Gdragon of allegedly bullying Yoongi?

Well, according to various ARMY tweets, what Gdragon asked Yoongi wasn’t appropriate given the fact that BTS were poor when they started out. Gdragon is known for being a fashionista who’s very interested in fashion and know a lot about it, so the question given the circumstances doesn’t make much sense.

Some argue that it was distasteful of him to ask Yoongi, a poor recently-debuted idol about his shirt when it was obvious that it wasn’t even a brand but a knock off.

Some ARMY reacted positively for an interaction between BTS and BIGBANG, some reacted negatively and there were a couple of hurtful tweets were some started assuming Yoongi was bullied by Gdragon, which doesn’t make any sense given the context of the story.

To the ARMY who spread the bully rumor, other ARMY tried to explain what happened and what exactly was said, VIPs were also trying to explain that Gdraong wouldn’t have intentionally wanted to hurt Yoongi and merely wanted to start a conversation with the rookie at the time.

A lot of people also brought up how respectful Gdragon is to everyone and how he always bowed down to younger artists despite being a senior in the industry.

Here are some of the reactions:

What do you think of this?

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  1. Wow. Bunch of losers. Is GD SUPPOSED to know who these “poor rookies” were when no one else did? Is he a mind reader? The dude just asked a damn question about what was written on the shirt. Get your head out of your arses and off of the internet. Ya’ll spreading these false rumours can be considered bullying ya losers..

  2. No.. he’s not bullying Yoongi.. he was just asking.. Yoongi said he ASKED him about the shirt/jacket.. c’mon guys lets have peace in the KPOP INDUSTRY.. Im Both VIP and ARMY lets nnot fight you guys

  3. Gd did not bully Suga, he just started a conversation, all of this were nonsense, it is just a really dumb misunderstanding. All of those who thought that Yoongi was bullied by GD are all hollow minded. Think thoroughly before you talk or comment. I’m an Army but based on what Yoongi stated, what you’re all fighting for are nonsense.

  4. I can think of more valid reasons for GD approaching Suga:

    1. GD probably wanted to talk to his junior (Suga) and used the Hoodie as an excuse to strike up a conversation.
    2. GD actually liked the Hoodie and wanted to ask about it, maybe even get one himself. The guy’s known for being a Fashionista after all.
    3. GD liked the Hoodie and really had no idea what the message was on it.
    4. The conversation was probably GD’s way to let Suga he can talk to his Sunbae about anything, anytime.

    Besides, do these ARMYs accusing GD of “bullying” really think that Suga is the type of person to share a story to bring hate unto somebody else? I think Suga actually shared the memory to let people know, that GD – despite being more popular at the time, did not ignore a Rooky artist like him. He was probably being nostalgic after remembering the encounter.

    If you ask me, these so called ARMYs spreading the hate and accusing GD of bullying had no idea that BTS had always looked-up to BigBang. BTS has never been shy about their admiration for BigBang. There was even a time Jung Kook said that he entered Big Hit because he wanted to be like GD. I think these people have never been with BTS from the start which is why they have no idea how this is not a negative encounter between Suga and GD.

    Besides, GD asked “What’s WRITTEN on your shirt?” The guy didn’t ask “HOW MUCH?”. These accusations of bullying are just DUMB people trying to act tough.

    Suga is a straight forward guy yet very honest and honorable. He’s not the kind of person to ruin someone over what hateful people would call bullying. And I love to believe that Suga sharing this story was in a positive light for both him and GD. #micdrop #btsxbigbang

  5. This is the stupidest shit ever. Man those ppl who are accusing him of bullying are clearly deluded. Y’all take ur dusty ass and ur canandian temperature IQ out of here.

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