On January 3rd, M Countdown celebrated its 600 episode with special appearances from various artists who sat down for brief interviews to talk about stories of their debut days.

BTS were one of the groups that talked about their difficult times and shared stories about how they overcame them to become better people.

Suga shared a story but somehow after looking through twitter, I found some people accusing Gdragon of bullying him, a strong word used so I decided to investigate the subject and find out whats going on and why ARMY and VIP relationship isnt very good right now.

Let’s start with what fueled this debate around what Gdragon said. Yoongi told the cameras,

“Gdragon sunbaenim talked to me and asked what’s written on my clothing but I couldn’t answer him that I didn’t know, since it was a printing on a 14$ hoodie because we didn’t have money.”

Simple, don’t you think? But why did some ARMY start debating this and some went on to accuse Gdragon of allegedly bullying Yoongi?

Well, according to various ARMY tweets, what Gdragon asked Yoongi wasn’t appropriate given the fact that BTS were poor when they started out. Gdragon is known for being a fashionista who’s very interested in fashion and know a lot about it, so the question given the circumstances doesn’t make much sense.

Some argue that it was distasteful of him to ask Yoongi, a poor recently-debuted idol about his shirt when it was obvious that it wasn’t even a brand but a knock off.

Some ARMY reacted positively for an interaction between BTS and BIGBANG, some reacted negatively and there were a couple of hurtful tweets were some started assuming Yoongi was bullied by Gdragon, which doesn’t make any sense given the context of the story.

To the ARMY who spread the bully rumor, other ARMY tried to explain what happened and what exactly was said, VIPs were also trying to explain that Gdraong wouldn’t have intentionally wanted to hurt Yoongi and merely wanted to start a conversation with the rookie at the time.

A lot of people also brought up how respectful Gdragon is to everyone and how he always bowed down to younger artists despite being a senior in the industry.

Here are some of the reactions:

What do you think of this?