BANGTANTV Restored After Hacking Attempt? Everything Is Now Back To Normal

BANGTANTV is now back to its original state!

On January 17, many BTS fan account tweeted about the strange happening with BTS’s channel BANGTANTV, it had lost its artist badge, its name and the description of the channel changed into something completely unrelated to BTS.

Fans tried their best to bring this to Big Hit and YouTube’s attention. No official response was released from either parties but it seems that things are back to normal.

The channel has come back to its original state. Right now the badge of an official artist has been restored, the name is back and the description that was previously written has been deleted.

There is no description on this channel as of this writing:

It wasn’t confirmed that it was hacked to begin with but fans suspected that because of the many reasons I mentioned above.

Just thought I would let ARMY know that things seem to have gone back to normal.

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