ARMY welcomed the new year with the best gift, Jimin dropped his own solo track “Promise” to his SoundCloud account surprising fans.

The song was a trending topic on twitter for a while, every ARMY was raving about how great the song is, the fandom expressed their gratitude towards Jimin for his hard work the best way possible, by breaking SoundCloud records.

On January 3rd, Hypable reported that “Promise” has officially become the most streamed song in the first 24 hours on SoundCloud. It gathered more than 8.5 million streams on the first day alone.

In 74 hours, the song accumulated 15 million streams, ARMY from all around the world are showing their love for the track with most streams coming from South Korea, the United States, Vietnam, Indonesia and Japan.

The song has also remained the top song on SoundCloud Top 50 and Hot charts for 48 hours.

Congrats Jimin!


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