ARMY Ask Jungkook To Take A Rest After Seeing Him Struggle During 28th Seoul Music Awards

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ARMY were extremely worried about Jungkook after seeing multiple fancams of him at the 28th Seoul Music Awards.

The 28th Seoul Music Awards was held on January 15 at the Gocheok Sky Dome, BTS performed many of their hit tracks and took home a total of three awards including the Daesang.

ARMY were having lots of fun watching the boys perform but they noticed that Jungkook looked pale and slightly unwell, after exiting the stage at one point you can see that Jungkook laid down on stairs and looked like he was in pain.

A fancam by an ARMY was shared to Twitter and it went viral gaining more than 1 million views. Other fancams showed Jungkook being helped and escorted by two bodyguards who took him away.

In another fancam Jungkook was seen trying to get up, he stumbled and fell to the floor again.

In response to these concerning fancams, ARMY expressed their concern on twitter using the hashtag #GetWellSoonJungkook, they asked Big Hit Entertainment to give him and the rest of the group adequate rest promising they’d wait for new content from BTS, assuring the company they aren’t trying to rush the boys to push out new content.

BTS is still busy with their world tour, they held two sold-out concerts in Nagoya, Japan a couple of days ago and they will be travelling to Singapore in a couple of days to perform on January 19.

Wishing Jungkook a swift recovery!

You can check out the fancams below:

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