A Fan Told GOT7’s Youngjae To Lose Weight, Here Is How He Responded


GOT7’s Youngjae isn’t backing down to hateful comments any time soon!

On January 15, GOT7’s Youngjae held a V Live session to interact with his fans, the title of the video was ‘I’m Hungry.”

For about an hour, Youngjae ate a hamburger, chatted with the fans and answered their questions. It was in time of the group’s 5th anniversary which they celebrated on January 16.

The idol was reading comments towards the end of the broadcast while singing, he came across a comment that he couldn’t ignore, the comment reads,

“Youngjae please lose weight, Youngjae please lose weight.”

Youngjae didn’t like the comment and fired back at it saying,

“I’m losing it. Just do well with your life. Mind your own business.”

Fans loved the response and called out the so-called fan for asking Youngjae to lose weight when he’s obviously a healthy man.

Fans also weren’t happy about that awful comment, they reacted with,

“Like seriously stop with bodyshaming, people shaming. Im honestly sick and tired of people being rude to each other. You don’t have to like someone and what they do. BUT you SHOULD respect them and accept them for who they are.”

“Honestly screw whoever said that its literally none of their business.”

“Youngjae is already perfect.”

“I’m sure Youngjae is taking care of himself just fine and I hope he can stay confident through all those comments. Love him so much!”

You can check out the V Live Video in full here.


  1. why are people telling Youngjae to lose weight. he is perfect no matter what. so people that are telling him to lose weight are not proper IGOT7. he has just had surgery as well so people leave Youngjae to himself and mind your own business. he is lovely and the best person to live. LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!


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