2PM’s Junho To Lead Upcoming tvN Drama “Confession”

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2PM’s Junho has chosen his first project of 2019; he will play the leading role in the upcoming tvN drama “Confession.”

The drama will explore the idea behind double jeopardy (which refers to a law that prohibits a person from being prosecuted twice for the same crime).

He will play the role of Choi Do Hyun who frequented the hospital as a little kid due to heart disease, he undergoes a heart transplant and gains a second chance at life. However, his happiness is short-lived when his father is prosecuted and sentenced to death for murdering someone.

He grows up to become a lawyer to try and help prove his father’s innocence. The drama will be directed by Kim Cheol Kyu who had previously worked on many projects such as “Mother” and “Chicago Typewriter.”

The drama is slated to air in March 2019.

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My Thoughts


I love Junho and he chooses good projects. Although, I was disappointed with “Wok of Love” I am super excited about this upcoming drama.

He’s personally one of my fav idol-actors, he has an amazing voice and even better acting. The plot looks interesting but it does remind me of Yoo Seung Ho’s hit drama “Remember: War of Son” which had a similar plot of a son and a father wrongly accused of murder, the lead male had strong memory but he then develops Alzheimer.

I wonder how this drama will distinguish itself from other dramas and movies with the same basic idea, a son/daughter becoming lawyers to defend their loved ones who were falsely accused of a serious crime. I am slightly skeptic but hopeful since Junho almost always choose good projects.

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