15 Year Old Fan Dies From Cancer Before Fulfilling Her Dream To See BTS And Her Fav Jungkook Live


An avid fan of BTS’s Jungkook died before she could see her favorite idol, she was 15 years old!

The Vietnamese fan, Bui Deiu KL, was battling bone cancer, she was battling through the rough path holding onto the possibility of seeing her favorite idol group live, she had bought tickets and was planning on going with her mother to the concert in Singapore, sadly she passed away on December 20, 2018, before she could see them live.

On January 19, her mother took to social media to share a heartfelt letter dedicated to her daughter, the letter went viral and was shared on various Korean news sites.

Here is the full letter:

“My lovely daughter. I came Singapore to see BTS, and you would have been relieved your longing by meeting them too.

My daughter, I know so well how long you’ve waited for this day… My dear daughter, you counted each day on the calendar for this day, and until the very end you worked hard till to get to meet the one you love.

In the past three years, the seven lovely members have motivated you to overcome this disease. In particular, Jungkook, I have talked with you about him every day. I called him my son-in -law. Every time I called him that, you are so happy and excited.

Now you are in heaven. Are you happy? Up there, go out and buy whatever you want. Buy everything that I couldn’t get you because of your critical condition.

Do not worry about saving money or savings up there … I know you tried to save money for your mother.

But my beloved daughter … Do whatever you want to do. I love you so much and I miss you very much. I will send this letter to the place where you are at, and to the world where Jungkook is.”

Both Korean and international fans couldn’t hold their tears reading the heartbreaking letter posted by the mother. Everybody sent their condolences to the mother.

May her soul rest in peace!

The letter:


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4 thoughts on “15 Year Old Fan Dies From Cancer Before Fulfilling Her Dream To See BTS And Her Fav Jungkook Live”

  1. Seriously it touched my heart ..my dear chingu rest in peace in the arm of our lovely father we love u were an GREAT n super Army be happy out there today our boys have gone on so up ..
    U must be very happy now seeing dem growing higher ….. bangtan n army vit u forever


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