Yang Hyun Suk Assures Winner Fans He’s Listening To Their Demands, Teases New Clip Of Mino’s Performance MV


Yang Hyun Suk has taken to Instagram to assure inner circle (Winner fandom name) he listens and is taking care of their demands.

Previously, Yang Hyun Suk posted a screenshot of a conversation with a staff member because Mnet had a problem with one of Mino’s new hit track “Fiance” and wanted it edited out to air the MV.

Yang Hyun Suk had told the staff member to respectfully deny their request.

On December 2, he followed with a teaser clip of Mino’s dance video with his backup dancers. According to inner circle, they had demanded a dance video with the backup dancers from the MV. Lucky for them, it looks like they’re getting it soon!

This means that there will be entire performance MV from the set of “Fiancé” that focuses on the dancing only (different from the dance practice video he’d released before).

In his post, he captioned,

“Taking care of demands of ICs…”

How do you feel about this ICs?

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