Wanna One’s Lai Guan Lin Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction During 2018 MAMA, Handles It Like A Pro


2018 MAMA are the talk of town these days, on December 12, the second day of MAMA in Japan kicked off and as expected it brought in a lot of reactions from fans.

One of the moments that gained a lot of attention from netizens was the wardrobe malfunction Wanna One’s Lai Guan Lin suffered from during his group’s performance at the awards show.

Wanna One performed three songs at the show “Light,” “Boomerang,” and “I.P.U.” They are known for their strong choreography, during “Boomerang” Lai Guan Lin’s pants ripped and exposed part of his thigh, the tearing of the pants was large.

However, to the viewers, the wardrobe malfunction wasn’t easy to spot, due to the camera work as well as his professionalism in handling the situation.

Of course, the way he handled it was met with praise from fans and nonfans who applauded him for the way he handled the situation despite the large tearing of the pants.

Many leaving comments such as,

“no one should worry about guanlin anyway because he is professional.”

“I feel bad for guanlin but he still can handle the performance like a professional singer.”

“i’m so proud of you guanlin, he can still continued the performance, he’s really professional idol, being an idol must be professional like him, our precious idol.”

Wanna One are also slated to perform at MAMA in Hong Kong on December 14.

Watch the performance below:

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