“Wakiki” Actor Son Seung Won Under Investigation For Driving Under The Influence Without A License


“Laughter In Wakiki” actor Son Seung Won is in a lot of trouble!

The actor has been caught driving under the influence after causing an accident, he was driving without a license and drunk.

Gangnam Police Station revealed in an official statement to news outlets that they’re currently investigating the actor and added they cannot got into details.

The accident happened around 4 a.m. KST on December 26, he was driving his parents Mercedes Benz with another passenger who was referred to as an anonymous passenger at the time when initial reports came out

Son Seung Won hit another car in another lane and attempted to escape by continuing to drive but taxi drivers caught on to that and blocked his car.

According to the police his blood alcohol level was at 0.206% which is enough to have his license suspended, but that has already happened back on November 18 because of he drove under the influence back in September.

So far, the actor has a total of three DUIs. The police revealed in an additional statement that they will be requesting an arrest warrant for the actor.

It was later revealed that the passenger who was with him in the car was actor Jung Hwi (musical actor) but hadn’t stopped him from driving in his drunken state.

Since it was revealed, the actor stepped out of his current musicals “Rimbaud” and “Poongwallju” and wrote an apology letter to fans explaining he was flustered when the actor decided to drive in his drunken state.

The actor went on to explain that he will be stepping out of the projects he’s been a part of, if you’d like to read the full letter, Soompi.com has translated it, here is the link.

Since the two actors worked together on the musical “Rimbaud,” the production staff said in an official press release that the upcoming show on December 30 at  2:00 pm and 6:00 pm KST will be canceled altogether, as the musical production staff will have to replace not one but two actors.

The musical production staff went on to issue an apology to the fans for the sudden news and revealed they will refund the tickets sold to December 30 musicals.

Son Seung Won was under the agency Blossom Entertainment which houses many popular Korean actors such as Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki. When asked for their comment on the current investigation they told DongA.com that in fact their contract with him has been ended back in early October.

They had decided not to renew their contract with him and revealed he was going to performances without the support of an agency, they also added that they found out about the news as reports came out and are currently unable to get in contact with him.

Son Seung Won is more active in musicals but has been gaining popularity after appearing in tvN dramas “Age of Youth 2” and “Waikiki.”

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  1. Wow. What a stupid way to ruin a great career. He is obviously an alcoholic, which is a disease. – meaning when they drink, they want more, and don’t listen to reason and become self focused. I was a bartender for years. Someone should have tried to grab his keys! Even if they had to call someone BEFORE he drove

  2. He dissapoints me so badly i still couldn’t believe he’d been in a DUI case for 2 times already prior to this recent one and not getting the knack for acting wiser than to get into another trouble on the same frikin issue. They say you’d learn your lesson when shit hits the fan (guess it’s true tho i’m not really sure if he’d turn this into a meaningful lesson or just another blow of his life soon to pass by). DUI is one thing but to even think of flying off the scene, was he for real? Now he thought that he’d never be caught and that it’d get over with like that, is that it? God… The latter one actually angers me more knowing that you’d probably badly hurt someone or probably a family and trying to run away like that instead of coming out of the car to check the situation ummm


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