TWICE Jihyo Says They’re “A Team Who’s Lacking A Lot” Delivering Emotional Speech At 2018 MAMA

2018 MAMA might be over but that doesn’t mean the buzz around it is!

TWICE took home many awards on December 14 ceremony of MAMA in Hong Kong, one of the awards they took was “Song Of The Year” award which is one of the grand prizes (Daesangs).

This is a huge landmark to TWICE as it marks the 3rd consecutive year they took home this award, ONCE were extremely happy to see the girls walk away with so many awards that night.

During their acceptance speech, the girls were seen crying unable to control their tears as Jihyo, the leader of her group delivered a heartfelt speech.

In the speech she said,

“Wow.. really…. We’re a team that lacks so much but I would like to sincerely thank you for giving us this great award. There are so many other amazing artists… There are so many talented artists today, and we felt that watching their performances tonight, they have prepared and promoted through blood and sweat, so I don’t know if its okay for us to accept this award.

Thank you so much for giving us such a big award at MAMA for the past three years.”

Park Jin young was the man behind the hit track “What is Love,” Jihyo also thanked him in her speech and thanked all the people who worked at JYP Entertainment for their hard work including the staff, the managers and the makeup artists.

She also thanked the members and added,

“We’ve been so busy for the past three years, I think we were all emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted. So I wanted to tell my members, who became each other’s source of strength and comfort, thank you all and you did well.”

She also thanked the fandom once again, adding,

“I feel that even if I said it a hundred times it still won’t be enough.”

She closed her speech with,

“I would like to sincerely thank you all, we will continue to strive to show you good music and good performances. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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