Recently, on a community form in instiz people shared photos of what goes on behind the scenes of some of the best taken photos of idols in the airport.

It’s not a secret that all idols struggle with sasaengs who invade their privacy and even board planes just to get a glimpse of their idols even if it meant interrupting others.

There are also those beautiful fan-taken photos of idols heading to the airport. The truth about how those photos taken at the airport is both creepy and claustrophobic.

Many masters of idols and groups fansites would get super close to the idols to snap the perfect photo of them with their DSLR huge camera, in some cases going as far to disrupt them as they eat in restaurants.

The photos shared on the community post include that of GOT7’s Jackson, NCT’s Jaehyun, INFINITE.

Netizens reacted negatively to those photos published, many expressing how uncomfortable this must be for idols to go through, one saying “they are human, its not a zoo.”

How do you feel about these photos?


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