The Hilarious Reason Why TWICE’s “TT” Wasn’t Allowed On TV In The Philippines

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Turns out that TWICE’s “TT” wasn’t fit for broadcast in the Philippines, according to Ryan Bang, a famous Korean TV personality in the Philippines.

On December 11 episode of MBC Every1’s “Video Star” he talked about TWICE famous track “TT” and why it wasn’t allowed to be aired on Filipino TV.

He explained why, he said,

“In Filipino, “TT” refers to the private male part and its even more embarrassing since in the choreography there is a part where they point down there.”

One of the show’s MCs, Park Na Rae then asked choreographer Lia Kim (who choreographed many TWICE’s songs) if that was intended, Lia Kim denied that and revealed that it was created based on the crying emoticon (ㅠㅠ).

Ryan Bang chimed in, he said,

“I think it created more misunderstanding since there is no crying emoticon in the Philippines.”

Sadly, the song wasn’t broadcasted, but there is YouTube there for you.

Did you guys know about this funny fact?

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