The Battle For The Title Of The Most Followed Korean Celebrity On Instagram Ensues, Who Will Win?

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On December 27, as of 07:00 a.m. KST EXO Chanyeol became the most followed Korean celebrity instagram account with a total of 16,164,403 dethroning BIGBANG’s Gdragon who had 16,159,217 at the time, according to

However, that soon changed! As the news of EXO Chanyeol becoming the most followed Korean celebrity instagram account spread, fans have intensified their efforts and it worked.

Chanyeol has been dethroned from the title of the most followed Korean celebrity on instagram.

As of December 27, 9:47 PM KST I checked both their instagram accounts, Gdragon has now a total of 16,229,857 followers while Chanyeol has 16,181,980 followers.

The battle has intensified and I honestly never thought there would even be such a battle. Its interesting to see fans rushing to support their favs by ensuring they’re following them on their social media accounts.

I believe the friendly competition between the two fandom to the title of The “Most Followed Korean Celebrity On Instagram” isn’t quite over yet! The gap between the two accounts is slim and there is a chance Chanyeol followers count will increase in the upcoming hours.

It’ll take about 100,000 followers or more to widen the gap between the two accounts for me or any news outlet to crown the winner. It’ll be exciting to see how it’ll unfold.

Its worthy to mention that Gdragon has been the most followed Korean celebrity account on instagram since 2014, it’s a title he’s held on for so long with the support of VIPs.

Gdragon is currently serving the military and is set to be discharged in 2019 around summer time!

The legendary idol is still making headlines even though he’s serving the military!

To everyone in both fandoms I hope you would keep it clean and don’t resolute to unnecessary fanwars that lead no way, they’re both winners in my eyes!


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