“The 33rd Golden Disc Awards” Are Doing This To Ensure Fairness To All Competing Groups For These Awards


“The 33rd Golden Disc Award” is gaining a lot of respect for announcing this recently!

On December 5, they announced that the award show will be omitting online voting for the Bonsang, Daesang and Best New Artist award to ensure fairness.

The award show is again assuring fans they strive towards fairness putting it as the top priority. Usually, fans votes count in determining who takes home the Bonsang, Saesang and Best New Artist awards for almost all Korean award shows.

How will the winner be announced then?

It will be chosen based on the number of album sales, digital download, and evaluation by experts according to “The 33rd Golden Disc Award.” The experts will be a committee composed of 30 people who are music program producers, critics and Kpop reporters.

The criteria to be nominated for any of the awards at “The 33rd Golden Disc Award” will be that the music is released between December 1, 2017 to November 30, 2018.

The award show will take place on January 5 and 6 and will be broadcasted live on JTBC, JTBC2, and JTBC4.

Kpop fans are praising the awards show for the way they strive to fairness. Instead of it becoming a popularity award competition among fandoms, it will be about the quality.

How do you feel about this move?

My Thoughts

I like this! I like this award! unlike some other award shows… (ehmm)

Popularity isn’t everything and shouldn’t be the sole indication if a singer song is that good or not, experts opinions do matter and I support this decision!

Some awards are better off having online voting system while others are not, if you want your award show to be taken seriously this is how you do it!

They just missed the chance to make a lot of money off of fans who were probably already planning and scheduling voting for their artists, they skipped the huge traffic of many fandoms in favor of fair awards.

I hope this decision leads to more diversity in the winners’ list.

Music awards, so far, had very predictable winners list and basically, all major awards go to those who attend. Its making me hate the system more and more because it feels like a repetitive cycle… I am not saying those who won awards didn’t win but its also good to appreciate other artists who do so well but don’t have the same fan base as popular Kpop groups.

Take Shaun for example, the poor man received hate for charting high with his song “Come Back Home.” The song was wayyyy better than lots of other songs on the charts (not just my taste) and it deserved the success it got but because it was up against popular idol groups people accused him of chart manipulation.

It would be so nice if solo artists and indie singers won something, they work so hard on their music and their music is known for being amazing but they’re overlooked! I hope this changes!


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