Sunmi Gains Praise For The Way She Looked After BTS’s V During 2018 MAMA

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There has been a lot of moments of 2018 MAMA that has gone viral and got netizens talking, one of these moments is about Sunmi and BTS’s V.

Sunmi is known for being a kind caring sunbae to her junior idols and she has showed just how loving and caring she is many times already. She showed her kind heart and well intentions once again during 2018 MAMA.

She was sitting next to Chungha and they were sitting side by side to six of the seven BTS members, BTS’s V then came back and saw no room so he sat next to Wanna One members in the front row ahead of his group.

Sunmi saw that and probably told Chungha about it, Sunmi then told V to sit next to his group and switch seats with them, he looked confused at first but then bowed to her and moved places, the girls sat next to Wanna One.

This entire scenario happened during the nomination announcements for “Song of the Year.”

Her kind gesture is warming everybody’s hearts, ARMY praised her for her consideration of her hoobae,

“That’s so precious oh my God! Sunmi & Chungha are such kind souls, hope only success comes for them.”

“That’s why Sunmi is a goddess.”

“Stan Sunmi and support Chungha’s comeback in Jan 2nd.”

The viral fancam that was posted to a twitter account has gained more than 1 million views and more than 35K retweets.

Check out the fancam below:

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