“Romance Is A Supplement” Releases Official Posters Featuring Lee Na Young And Lee Jong Suk


“Romance Is A Supplement” has finally released its first official posters featuring its leads Lee Na Young and Lee Jong Suk.

“Romance Is A Supplement” is one of the most anticipated 2019 kdramas, it will air on January 26 after “Memories of the Alhambra” airs its final episode.

The drama tells the story of a man named Cha Eun Ho who is the youngest chief-in-editor at a publishing company called Gyeo Ru. He is intelligent, a bit tempered at work but works diligently.

It also tells the story of Kang Dan Yi, a well-known copywriter who is getting ignored, she is not famous and is now unemployed. She lies in her resume to secure a job at Gyeo Ru, they begin to develop feelings for each other.

The drama gained attention for many reasons. The first being that it was Lee Na Young first comeback project to the small screen in 9 years since her last drama, its also most likely Lee Jong Suk’s last drama before his military enlistment.

The drama also gained attention for being directed by PD Lee Jung Hyo who has previously worked on many dramas such as tvN’s “The Good Wife.”

Check out the posters below:

My Thoughts

I must say I am not as excited as everybody else is about this drama, but I will watch out of curiosity.

“Romance Is A Supplement” storyline isn’t basically anything special on the surface, I know it’s a bit too early to tell but reading the plot outline, I don’t feel that it holds much potential but I haven’t completely given up or made my mind about this.

I never really got the hype around Lee Na Young which is probably because I haven’t checked out any of her projects. I know her as Won Bin’s wife who also went missing after they both tied the knot.

I am still waiting to see Won Bin in something!

However, considering the hype around her I am assuming she picked a good project since this must mean a lot to her, its her first drama in 9 years so I doubt she would have just chosen anything.

Lee Jong Suk picks good or bad projects, the projects he picks are interesting but I have noticed I lost interest in almost everything he’s done in recent years by half of his dramas runtime. I think his intentions are good and he wants to pick something different but he’s basically playing the same character he always plays.

His character description for “Romance Is A Supplement” is very repetitive, a handsome hot-headed man who works hard and falls for a poor/struggling girl. That’s basically the same character description for many of his dramas in recent years.

I hope he shocks me with his choice this time, I am hoping he picked this project not only because his idol Lee Na Young is in it but also because its interesting.


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